About me


• Born July 14, 1949 and grew up in Nibe (in Denmark) with a 13 year older sister and a 1 year younger brother.
• My father died in 1973.
• Military service 1973-1974.
• Girlfriend with Aase in 1975; moved together at Sandbjergvej 2 in Brabrand in 1977; got Morten in 1978 and was married in 1979.
• Morten moved away from home in 2000.
• Sold the house in 2006 and moved to Helenelyst 223 in Brabrand.
• My mother died in 2010.
• Aase got cancer in 2015 and died in 2018.


• Primary school in Nibe April 1, 1956 and secondary school August 1963.

• Vesthimmerlands Gymnasium in Års in August 1965; and student June 1968.
• The Danish Academy of Engineering in Aalborg August 1968; and graduated June 1973.
• Various education at courses and conferences at home and abroad.
• Education in software programming 2001-2003.


• Various leisure and summer holiday jobs until 1973.

• Engineering jobs at Cimbrer Stål, Brdr. Gram, Danfoss and Grundfos 1975-1980.
• Consultant at Jutland Technological Institute 1980-1990.
• Independent business Danish Quality Advisory 1990-2000.
• Consultant at local engineering company 2000-2001.
• Software programming teacher at Soft Advice 2003-2005.
• Run my firm: Jososoft Software Development 2006-2007.
• System developer at Dansk Supermarked 2008-2009.


• Plays keyboard - mostly for fun - and develops software for this. More.

• Writes cabarets with fun actions and familiar songs. More.
• Genealogy research. More.
• Software development. More.
• Active in the amateur theater association Vester Gasværk and as a songwriter. More.
• And a lot more ... see here.


• As part of my work and otherwise in my spare time, I have been to most places in Denmark - except some smaller islands.

• Foreign countries still lack South America, Africa, Asia and Australia; but otherwise I have been east to Moscow, west to San Francisco, north around Iceland and south to St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands.
• See more on Travel abroad. (In Danish only)

Computer, software and internet

• 1985: My first shared computer at work for the Dantekst word processing program.

• 1990: Bought my own first - and so far most expensive - computer for 14,000 DKK. But then it was also with Windows 3.
• 1992: Developed an electronic information and documentation system based on the Windows Help system.
• 1995: Created my first web site. And it has then evolved into what you see here today.
• 1999: Created The Unofficial YAMAHA Keyboard Resource Site which has become one of the great places in that niche.
• 2000: Gradually started writing computer programs. It should develop ...
• 2004: Had now written and published 15 software programs.
• 2005: Written and published an online software program for editing styles for Yamaha keyboards.
• 2010: Created domain for "my" theater association - Vester Gasværk.
• 2015: Optimized all web sites for display on smartphones and tablets.
• 2020: Has now written and published 44 programs + plus approx. as many for use at home.