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International hits
?: Andalusian girl
Cupids Inspiration: Yesterday has gone
Dave Dee: Bend it
Duane Eddy: Pepe
Duane Eddy: Play me like you play your guitar
Hep Stars: Wedding
Hermans Hermits: Lady Barbara
Alan Price Set: Don't stop the carnival
Suzi Quatro: The wild one
Cliff Richard: In the country
Searchers: Don't throw your love away
Troggs: Any way that you want me

Danske melodier - Danish tunes
Baronets: Here comes the sun
Baronets: Treat me right
Otto Brandenburg: My my how the times go by
Otto Brandenburg: Waiting on the corner
Otto Brandenburg: Wishing to kiss you
Defenders: Mashed potatoes
Hitmakers: Little by little
Hitmakers: Whatcha gonna do about it
Lost & Found: No, no, no, no
Matadoerne: My situation
Scarlets: Bondeorglet
Scarlets: Down in Napoli
Someones: Big time operator