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This page describes some technical problems starting and running .Net programs.
If the information in this page does not help you, then mail me - in English, German or Danish, please!

I need information about:
- The name of the software program. (It might be difficult to guess which, if you don't tell me!)
- Does the software program install ? (If not: Any error message? What does it say?)
- Does the software program open ? (If not: Any error message? What does it say?)

Assuming the software program installs and opens:
- Software program version ? (Look in the software program Help menu -> About)
- Which steps you have done ? (e.g. load file; click button "Convert")
- What happens when program fails ? (e.g. any error message; program freezes)
Please attach "offending" files, if any.

My mail address is in the top menu of this page.

My .Net software applications use components from the .Net Framework and Windows OS plus some Windows COM objects. In addition, some third part components are used:
- Toub.Sound.Midi - class library for MIDI operations in several programs
- iTextSharp.text - class library for PDF support in "Image to pdf" program
- Gios.Pdf - class library for PDF support in "Music Book Viewer" program

All my software programs can be downloaded in two versions: As a windows setup file or in a zip archive. It is recommended to use the former.

However, if there are problems running the program, try downloading and unzipping the zip archive from the Download Page.

And then try to start the program from Windows Explorer, as shown here.

.Net Framework not installed

You will most probably get an error message saying: "Mscoree.dll Could Not Be Found"
.Net Framework 4.0 or higher must be installed at the computer.

More information:
• Open the Add/Remove programs window this way: Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove programs
• A list similar to this will appear:

Control Panel
(Screen dump from Windows 2000. Other Windows versions look similar. .Net Framework 1.1 is installed here.)

Get .Net Framework

Wrong Compatibility Settings

You will most probably get an error message saying: "CLR Error:80070002 The program will terminate now" or something similar. This has been reported on WinXP systems only (Thanks René).

Check the program compatibility settings:
• Right click on the program executable file (.exe) and select the tab Compatibility.
• ALL check boxes on this tab should be kept unmarked.

All program files (incl. the executable) are by default installed to a subfolder (named as the program itself) to the Program Files folder at your system's primary hard drive (mostly the C:\ drive). The Program Files folder may have localized names, e.g. Programmer (in Danish).

Programming and configuration errors

Both situations will throw an "Unhandled exception"; and show this dialog box.

Program Exception

The error message is the last line. It is in your computers language.

As the message in the dialog says, you can try to click the "Continue" button. This might work...

However, I would like to have these errors reported; including some details.

Therefore click the "Details" button...

Program Exception

The first 2 lines in the ********* Exception Text ********* defines the exception type and cause; and points to the origin of the exception. Please report these to me!

In this example, please report:
"System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
"at EzMigration.MainWindow.CheckForInitial