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OTS Format

OTS Editor is a software for editing all parameters in OTS sections in Yamaha keyboard style files.

Besides this the program can export and import OTS sections to/from style files meaning that entire OTS sections can be saved to HD and be reused in a number of styles. Furthermore entire OTS sections can be imported directly from other style files. Open the File menu.

OTS Mixer, which lets the user
- use the mixer to create some template OTS sections (e.g. one for jazz; one for rumba etc.)
- export these templates to OTS files
- import one of these template OTS into the style

Separate OTS Files created to work with PSR 9000 styles can NOT be imported as these have another file format.

Multi Pad selection is not yet implemented in Genos 2, Genos, PSR S670; PSR A3000; PSR A2000 and PSR OR700.

Harmony/Arpeggio selection is not yet implemented in Genos 2, Genos, CVP 709/705/701; and PSR A3000.

I need help to reveal the secret internal data from users of these models. More information.

The most common parameters can be edited in the main window:

OTS Editor

The Harmony settings window is found in menu Edit | Harmony Settings

OTS Editor Harmony

The Multi Pad settings window is found in menu Edit | Multi Pad Settings

OTS Editor Multi Pad

The OTS Mixer window is found in menu Edit | OTS Mixer

OTS Editor Mixer

For selecting voices - or revoicing - go to menu Edit | Voice Selector

Note: Setting the Prog.; MSB; and LSB values in the Main window will do the same!

OTS Editor Voices

The volume can be changed globally for all channels in menu Edit | Global Volume

OTS Editor Volume

The detailed OTS settings can be found by pressing a "Go ..." button below the heading "More" in the Main window.

The settings in the opened window apply to the selected OTS part.

OTS Editor DSP