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Style Revoicer is a software program which can be used for revoicing, changing MIDI parameter values, transposing etc. of style files.

Erroneous Style Files

Many style files available at web sites have internal errors. This is especially true for converted style files.
Some versions of EMC Style Works even produce style files with wrong MIDI length bytes and / or missing delta time bytes before style parts end.
Style files with these errors cannot load in this program, as they do not comply 100% with the MIDI specifications.
In this situation an error message saying "Internal MIDI Error" will be shown at the User Interface.
If you discover these errors, you can repair style files with these (and many other) errors with my Style Fixer program.

Part Specific Voices

Some style files have part specific voices settings.

This software only reads voice settings in the first initial measure of the style file, which means that part specific voices settings are omitted.
In other words: The voice settings in the User Interface are used globally in the style.
Style Revoicer