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Style Split and Splice is a software program for splitting and splicing Yamaha keyboard Style Files.

This program will split Yamaha Style Files in two parts: The MIDI part and the non-MIDI part; and splice it again.

The two parts have file extension "mid" (MIDI) and "nmi" (Non-MIDI) respectively.

Most MIDI sequencer software cannot handle the non-MIDI part in Yamaha keyboard Style Files; and will delete the non-MIDI data. Therefore editing of style files cannot be done in these softwares.

However if the style file is split, the MIDI part can be edited in any MIDI sequencer software.

When saving the edited MIDI part make sure the file is saved as MIDI Format 0. If your MIDI sequencer software does not allow this, use my MIDI Formatter software for this.

After editing the original non-MIDI part must be spliced to the edited MIDI part.

The program can handle single files or all the style files in a folder.

Style Split and Splice