This site, my 44 freeware programs and my styles are free.

As I do not perform in public and hence have no "music" income I pay most expenses (web site hosting; software development tools; keyboard etc.) from my own pocket. The rest is payed by Google Ads at the site.

I ask you to help me to support the existence, development and maintenance of this web site, my software, my styles and my articles.

You can support the site by sending me an amount of money through PayPal. Just follow the instructions below.

How to Donate using PayPal

Money is sent via PayPal without expenses for you. The PayPal fee is drawn from your donation before I get it.

Select currency in the top menu and click the orange "PayPal Donate" button.

A new browser window will open. Now follow the instructions in this new window.

These instructions apply to both donations using your debit or credit card and to donations from your own PayPal account.

PayPal fees

The Paypal fee is EUR 0.35 + 3,4% of the amount you choose to donate. The fee is deducted from your donation.

Therefore, donating less than EUR 0.35 (app. $0.40 USD / app. £0.25 GBP) will leave nothing to me!

How to Donate without PayPal

If you feel uncomfortable using PayPal, you can send cash (Euro, $ or £). Please do not send cheques. The fee for cashing foreign cheques in Danish banks is app. $20 USD.

Mobile Pay Denmark: MobilePay 29912835

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