Please notice: I am only able to answer questions about my site; my software; my styles; and my articles.

Please direct all other questions including questions about
- registrations and reg.files, eg. RGT-format
- audio parts in styles files
- keyboard operation / malfunction
- sequencing / sequencer software
- mp3 and wav file creation / manipulation
- CD creation
- YEM creation / manipulation
- YEP creation / manipulation
- voice creation / manipulation
- etc.
to one of the Forums.

I do not have the time to answer these; and often not the knowledge / experience.

Many hundreds of questions are answered in Frequently Asked Questions - For PSRs, CVPs & Tyros. Go get it!

I have no knowledge of other Yamaha product lines than Genos, Tyros, PSR, CVP, DGX, YPG, and YPT. Furthermore I have no knowledge or experience with other makes.

Please direct questions about these products somewhere else.

About Files

If you are looking for Styles.

If you are looking for MIDI files.

I do not have the time to find and mail styles or MIDI files by requests.

Do not ask me for modifying / converting files. I do not have the time for this.

I provide the tools for these operations; and you have to use the tools yourself.

About Yamaha

I am in no way connected with - or paid by - Yamaha Corporation, its affiliates, or subsidiaries. And I have never been either!

This means that I have no information about
- service questions
- new models
- local dealers
- spare parts
- repair procedures
- contact information
- etc.

Yamaha Site Map

About My Software

When asking about technical problems using one of my 44 software programs, please go to
- Current Issues
- Technical problems - .Net programs
- Technical problems - Java programs
in the first place.

If this does not help you, then mail me (in English, German or Danish, please) with information about:

- The name of the software program. (It might be difficult to guess, if you don't tell me!)
- Does the software program install ? (If not: Any error message? What does it say?)
- Does the software program open ? (If not: Any error message? What does it say?)

Assuming the software program installs and opens:

- Software program version ? (Look in the software program Help menu -> About)
- Which steps you have done ? (e.g. load file; click button "Convert")
- What happens when program fails ? (e.g. any error message; program freezes)

Please attach "offending" files, if any.

To mail me

Are you sure, that I have the time, knowledge, experience and information to answer your question?

Please check above!
If not, you are wasting your and my time!

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